Join us in the quest for the untamed, the unexplored and the unexpected.


Are you looking for the normal? You will probably not find it here. Are you interested in bland products? There are most likely none for you here either. However, we could offer you something new and unexpected.

For us it is all about uncharted territory and the thrills associated with the act of discovery. We love driving that flagpole into the ground, claiming another achievement of humanity. It is a sweet moment. And while there are quite a few flags out there, proudly displaying our seal, many more are waiting in the corporate armory, ready for deployment.

Join us in the quest for the untamed, the unexplored and the unexpected. If you are excited by “different”, you should get in touch. We have something in common. And we might just have what you are looking for.

Old School Physical Products

Our Consumer Division provides a broad range of physical products for the European and North American markets.

Most of our products are available for resellers within 24 hours at very low minimum order quantities.

Consumer Division Special Services provide clients with bespoke goods. Choose from our existing product range and make it your very own White Label product or have our experts craft your individual Private Label according to your needs and ideas.

New Age Digital Products

In the 21 century, products are increasingly becoming digital.

Our Digital Division was established 2021 and is rapidly expanding its product range, probably already surpassing the business of consumer goods in the next years.

Some people have seen our very first product – a range of cutting edge plant based milks – and thought of us as a beverage supplier. We then went into functional food and they thought of us as a food and beverage supplier. Now we launched digital products… guess we just made it out of the box.

The Division

At ‘The Division’ we explore the unknown. It is a clandestine group of curious people within our organisation trying to find it.

They are out there. Looking for it. Right now.

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