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Featuring Almond

Abundant sunshine, freshly ground almonds and a hint of fruitiness characterize this drink. Almond is a staple in the households of our islands and will make you feel the island vibes wherever you are.

We provide you with alternatives to animal based products and love to bring some variety to your table – plant based, of course. Among the many benefits of not using dairy in our products is their natural absence of lactose and milk proteins, which makes them enjoyable for people with milk intolerances and allergies, too.

The plant drinks are free of added sugar. Cutting back on refined sugar is linked to various health benefits and we believe in going that extra-mile. We just love the idea of providing high quality and nutritious, vegan food and drink alternatives that empower a healthy and active lifestyle.

The product comes in three different varieties Coconut, Almond, and Hazelnut. Each available in an an award winning 400ml bottle design. Available from 5000 pieces.

White labeling options available too.