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Why is it important to refrigerate?

Some of our products may be stored at ambient temperatures while others require cooler conditions. All our products state intended storage temperatures on their packaging. For best taste and maximum storage life, please make sure to follow the imprinted recommendations. If your packaging contained a notice with a link to this website, despite the fact that there are no temperature sensitive contents, please do not be alarmed – it is a cautionary imprint only. You may use your own reasonable judgment.

What happens if I do not store it at recommended temperatures?

That depends on the actual temperatures you store the product at and correlates with the products sensibility to temperatures. Generally speaking the higher the temperatures, the faster it should be consumend i.e. the shorter the shelf life of the product. There is also a limit to what a product can take in terms of temperature maximum and minimum. Again your reasonable judgment will serve you well in this matter.

The goods were on a long delivery journey without refrigeration. What’s the impact?

Whether they have been shipped refrigerated or at ambient tempeartures, all products will adhere to the highest quality and you will not experience any decrease in quality or freshness.

And remember, Twenty Islands drinks are not mere hydration but companions. Give ’em the treatment they deserve and store ’em cool.